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Please note that the Aboriginal Justice Centre website is currently being updated and information that is currently held on the website is out of date or in accurate. We apologies for any inconvenience while we make necessary changes.

The AJC replaced the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee in 2006.
The role of the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee was developed to assist in implementing the Governments recommendations of the ‘1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody’ report.

The AJC’s a community controlled organisation committee to securing justice gets and improved access to support for the well being of ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
The primary objectives of the AJC is to reduce the Indigenous incarceration rates in the ACT.

To achieve this primary goal the AJC will:
• Strengthen it’s ability to deliver justice related outcomes to the ACT Indigneous Community through increasing the knowledge and skills of staff, the Board, Volunteers, Interview Friends and community;

• Maintain a professional, effective and accountable service environment;

• Design, develop and implement justice related services and programs;

• Maintain culturally appropriate services and gain the respect of the ACT Indigneous community and the wider community;